Lunatech Mime Coalition

From 1981-2001, Laura Fernandez and Jonah Emsig played together as the Lunatech Mime Coalition.  They met at Moni and Mina Yakim’s New York Pantomime Theatre, where they were students, teachers, and company members.
Following their love of corporeal mime, clown, history, art, politics and silly stuff, they created a series of shows and played dozens of venues in the US and in Europe.

Jonah Emsig passed away in 2006 and as unatech was a little early for a website,  here is a selection of Lunatech photos and reviews,

for Jonah, in memoriam.


1981 - The History of Mime

1983 - Anywhere From Here

1984 - The Other Side of Logic and Passion

1985 - Androcles and the Lion

1987 - On Time

2001 - 20 Years Later

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