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Clown & Music
The Muppet Show 
The Muppet Show
The Muppet Show              
Harpo & Chico Marx 
Harpo Marx x3 
Chaplin & Keaton – Limelight     
Rowan Atkinson plays the Drums


Clown & Dance
Donald O’Connor            
Laurel and Hardy  
Fred Astaire and Judy Garland  
Martin & Lewis
Martin & Lewis
Bill Irwin           
G. Hines & S. Martin            
Groucho Marx       
le Bal
Lucille Ball


Clown Duos 
Groucho x2                
Dralion Clowns   
Csaba & Jigalov    
Pigeon Drop Comedy Company


Solo Clown  
Chaplin The Great Dictator 
Chaplin Table Ballet (The Gold Rush)     
George Carl
Circus FlicFlac Steve Eleky Teil 1
Circus FlicFlac Steve Eleky Teil 2


Puppen / Puppets    
Maulwurf und Frosch    
Maulwurf und Frosch


Hospital Clowning:


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